About Us

ATS Traders is a Family business that distributes Takis biltong, Jacks Biltong, Pork Cracklings and other products to retail stores, and more recently to you the public. It was established in 1997, It is VAT registered and pays rebates to the head office of the major petroleum companies.

How we Work

We contact a retail outlet that needs our product for resale and advise and recommend to him some product that we know will sell in the area. Then we build the client up, so that he can reap the full benefits of our top of the range products. We service the client on a weekly or bi-weekly period and supply him with a biltong stand and Vat invoice. The client has different payment options. All our products are expiry dated, we take full responsibility in that period for the product and constantly try to improve our service to the customer. We, like any other company in South Africa, fulfill our obligation with SARS and the major petroleum companies. (Engen, Caltex, Bp, Shell and Sasol).

biltong slices

We are an established biltong distributor and service over 100 retail outlets in the South of Johannesburg and the East Rand. Our customers are Spar Supermarkets, Pick n Pays, Garage shops, bottle stores etc. Our customers are serviced on a regular basis and are happy with our service.

What we Offer

Excellent service to your shop. Biltong stands as needed. Regular delivery of the award winning products. Full exchange in the expiry period. Various payment options and the appearance of your shop on our website. Many customers visit the ATS webpage to use our store locator and find out where in their area they can get their favourite biltong.

Due to customer demand we have now introduced a courier service and you can now buy on line, this gives the ability to deliver to people in remote areas where the products may not be readily available, although we do deliver to retail outlets we can also deliver to individuals as long as the order is R300.00 or more.